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it’s been a long, long time

Aloha readers!

It has been a terribly long time. I began a temporary job with Clinique in May as was commuting 22 hours a week – yes, I commuted almost an entire day per week! It was crazy however now I have landed a more permanent position on the public relations team at Victoria’s Secret and also, I’ve moved to New York City – Upper West Side and loving it!

Lots of exciting things are happening especially a new blogging adventure that I’m really excited to share with you…

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for the official announcement! It’s going to be bigger and better than word from bird and I’m super excited about it!



lemon almond (gluten free) biscotti

As I’m drafting this up I’m realizing I haven’t posted in a whole week! Yikes! This just proves how busy I was even if it was only for a few days. I was in and out of the city (keep in mind it takes me between 2&2.5 hours one way) three times in the past week for interviews and catching up with some friends and then on top of that I was in Philadelphia for the weekend having a cousin’s night out – all of which was fun and productive. So when I came back to my boring unemployed life I was a bit sad that I had nothing to keep me busy, craziness I know.

Anyway, I have been wanting to try and make a gluten free biscotti recipe. If you are gluten free, don’t you find that some baking recipes are extremely tedious and high maintenance and expensive if you don’t have 8 different kinds of flour? This is the second time I have made something delicious just by replacing all purpose flour with all purpose gluten free flour – so simple and affordable to replace one ingredient for one ingredient.

Here is the recipe I followed from my new favorite Giada,

current mani

OPI Bubble Batch + Essie  A Cut Above

My current (at home) manicure from Monday. This is my favorite sparkly polish I’ve tried – it’s really fun and a neutral light pink. I will admit that I will probably repaint them tonight. I feel like I need something bright after this dreary weather.

couleur jaune

this necklace found here all other images via my tumblr

I love yellow. I have no idea why I’m drawn to it more so than other colors but I have been looking for a fun neon yellow necklace for a great price for awhile. I tried to make my own but failed quite horribly on my first DIY project I was planning on featuring on the blog. I love this one shown just above – it’s perfect.

ongoing love affair – NYC

all images via my Instagram caseycrowe

New York City is easily a very overwhelming place when you first visit but when you get the hang of it – it is filled with wonderful adventures around every corner. My love affair with the city began when I interned for six months in the heart of Midtown. I remember how overwhelming it was to find the office and then to run errands and navigate my way around but the more unknown places I discovered the more I loved New York. I feel like I have my own version of New York going to my favorite coffee at a French café, lunch at my favorite restaurant in Little Italy, sitting in the same place in Washington Square, and visiting my other little pieces of the city.

Last Thursday I was in the city for a job interview (fingers crossed) as well as a networking event that same night so luckily I was able to stay overnight! I must say even though I was alone, I was so happy to wake up in New York and go check out some areas I had never been to including the Upper East Side to buy some Ladurée french macarons. What an amazing place to people watch! The day I move there will be such a wonderful special day, hopefully it’s soon :)

sun safe summer

Hat (similar) | Kiehls | Lipstick | Josie Moran | Sunnies | Tunic

With skin cancer in my family and honestly just for the sake of having healthy skin this is the first summer you will never find me without my big floppy hat, sunnies, and a cover up always armed with SPF50+. I know some people have the attitude, “Everything causes cancer so why bother taking precautions?” but honestly imagine sitting in the doctor’s office having the words, “You have cancer” directed at you knowing that you could have made a simple change to save your life. Seems super silly to me and yes, skin cancer is the most ‘curable’ (also the most preventable) cancer but that is some kind of crazy backwards way of telling yourself that frying in the sun for a tan is okay. I should know because this is the way that I felt about tanning until I watched my mom get skin cancer – it’s very serious and a lot of maintenance and it can spread beyond your skin! I understand that everyone’s lifestyle is their own choice and I am by no means judging anyone’s life choices but hey reader, you could be someone I love dearly that I need around for a long time so if I can make you more aware about skin and sun safety then all these words have been worth it.

And, hey look at how fun and stylish sun safety can be! Also, Rimmel London makes a lipstick that is SPF18! So amazing – can’t wait to try.


Loving this weather so much it feels and smells like summer! Sorry for the short post but my computer is the last place I want to be right now x

brighten up your day

nails in cuppa coffee: Essie Instant Hot nails in at home mani Essie Olé Caliente and Essie Mint Candy Apple

Mondays can be a drag for obvious reasons, yes, even for the unemployed because looking for a job is a full time job and for my own sanity (and the people around me) I give myself “off” on the weekends. Therefore, Monday is still back to the daily grind for me which is looking for jobs to apply to, agonizing over my resume, writing cover letters from scratch for the most part, proofreading, researching or preparing for an interview. It’s always great to have something to look forward to on Monday and I will admit, since The Bachelor ended my Mondays have been quite blah with the exception of today where it was hot and beautiful and sunny and I went to the beach in April, see here!

As I was brainstorming up some ways to brighten up and cure the mondays I thought I’d write some ideas and why not share them here, too.

1. Cup of coffee or a pot of tea. Must. Have. Coffee. Always, everyday my almond milk latte with honey make me happy and I’ll never give it up. I also really love green and herbals teas they are soothing and relaxing to drink especially out of my yellow tea pot. 

2. Walk outside. A walk outside with my puppy (seen here and here) lifts my spirits and lowers my anxiety – thirty minutes and a happy puppy later I feel so relaxed.

3. An at home manicure/polish change. Lately, I’ve been changing my nail polish every 2-5 days which at first I felt was me being indecisive but now I would say that I’m just curious and colorful. I’ve invested in all the typical manicure tools and an at home manicure is an instant mood lifter for me. Need nail inspiration? I just found Eva over at Miss Renaissance and I’m loving her manis!

4.  Candles and flowers. Flowers and candles are pretty and smell nice and just really make for a great and relaxing atmosphere. I’m guilty of pairing these with a glass of Pinot Noir while painting my nails. Can’t beat it.

5. A great playlist. If you’re a music person which some are not but I very much am, music can be the different between a horrible and a great mood. When I was working and commuting in Australia, if I had a great playlists or new music to listen to, I kid you not I looked forward to the bus ride home. I’m working on a killer country music playlist right now for summer – suggestions very welcome :)

6. Try a new hairstyle. Mondays would probably be a great day to try out a new hairstyle or ‘do because if it’s great then Monday is great and if it turns into a bad hair day then hey, it’s Monday anyway. I look to Pinterest and bellaMUMMA for hair inspiration and tutorials.

7. Change up your wallpaper. Change your desktop background or iPhone background to something new that really inspires you be it words, a beautiful nature shot, someone you admire, a beautiful fashion shot, anything. I do this often, you’d be surprised the difference it can make it in your day.

8. Phone/skype a friend. Chatting with friends is always mood boosting even if it’s just a short chat and sometimes I even find it fun to send emails! Sometimes you just need to vent or let something else know what’s happening good or bad to make you feel better.

9. Scroll through funny tumblrs such as Whatshouldwecallme and Texts from Hillary. Both amazing. Just do it.

10. Exercise! Saved the best for last. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and to give your mind and body a boost on your least favorite day (mine’s actually Tuesday) or during a rough or stressful time. Also, for me, starting out my week with exercise and good nutrition sets the tone for the rest of the week so sweat it out and smile :)

I’m super curious to hear what everyone else does as a fun (and cheap or better yet, free) cheer me up day brightener!

young & poor

image via my tumblr

Laughed out loud at this. Young and poor…..and unemployed, living the dream. I always look through my fashion mags saying, “If I only had the dollars…” haha.

All in good fun x


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