10 Things that Make Me Happy

Naturally, I tend to be quite negative – it’s just me and it’s nothing I plan on changing anytime soon however lately I have been Queen Negative Nancy. This blog post by Emily Schulman inspired me to list ten things that make me happy and it has definitely lifted my spirits a bit and hopefully it will lift yours as well.

1. Long walks – I love taking long nature walks with my camera and loved ones. Walking is so relaxing and chatting mindlessly along the way is one of the best stress relievers. I took this photo on a walk my boyfriend and I did from Bondi to Bronte.

2. Burning candles – I am a bit of a candle freak. In college, coming back from a ridiculously rainy day or a difficult exam, lighting candles and taking a nap was a life saver for me. I especially love Ocean Walk form Yankee Candle as it is light, refreshing, and a little bit sweet. The flickering light of a candle is seriously relaxing for me.

3. Country music – I resisted country music for quite some time however, when I was a sophomore in college I was introduced to the amazing Taylor Swift and since then always turn to country music when I’m feeling down. With twangy guitar solos and cheery lyrics about a sunny afternoon with your friends, country music will always make you feel happy.

4. Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants – I literally live in these yoga pants. Because I’m tall, it was often difficult to find long lounge pants until I found these pants which have 3 different inseam options. They are the perfect length and have the perfect amount of stretch. Getting into these after a 10 hour work day is a happy moment to say the least.

5. Bunch of sunflowers – Yellow is my favourite color. It’s bright, sunny, and happy. My mother used to grow sunflowers along the side of the house I grew up in and they remind me of happy, careless summers running barefoot in the grass through sprinklers or playing with the neighbourhood kids.

6. Coffee – I love coffee. Period. A good cappuccino or black coffee over ice can make any day just that little bit better.

7. Cheese – Anyone who really knows me, or even kinda knows me, understands my deep appreciation for a decent glass of wine accompanied by an amazing assortment of cheeses.

8. Red canvas TOMS shoes – TOMS are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have a few pairs but my red pair have been my favourite lately especially when I realize that because of its ‘One for One’ motto someone somewhere has a pair of shoes because I have my mine. It makes you want to buy 10 more pairs.

9. Love – As corny and sappy as it sounds, looking through wedding magazines/blogs make me happy. Seeing photos of people in love on their special day is so uplifting. This photo is from Style Me Pretty. Read more here.

10. Writing! – I love writing which is probably why I love my job in PR so much but whether I’m blogging on word from bird, for my company, or for my boss’ online blog – I absolutely love the creative outlet of writing.

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